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    IP expertise for Germany

    Intellectual property law firm from Hamburg, Germany

    Based in Hamburg, Germany, we advise start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, traders and private individuals throughout Germany in the areas of intellectual property law, competition law and media law. With our many years of experience, our practical and client-oriented approach and our understanding of your economic interests, we find smart, pragmatic solutions to your legal problems.

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    Our fields of expertise
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      Trademark law

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      Copyright law

    • 03

      Unfair competition law

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      Media law

    • 05

      Marketing law

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      Design law

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      Press and Broadcasting law

    • Overview

      Trademark law in any form and manifestation is one of our core competencies. No matter whether you want to assess the availability of your mark, ensure its smooth registration or enforce it against infringers – we have extensive experience with it and are happy to help you as a reliable partner in all trademark related matters.

      Key competencies

      • Representation before trademark offices and courts
      • Cease and desist letters and preliminary injunctions proceedings
      • Clearance searches and registrations
      • Management of trademark portfolios

    • Overview

      Another of our core competencies is copyright law. This area of law may well have gained the most importance within the digital revolution. We have been monitoring the developments for many years and can advise you comprehensively regarding all questions on creation, distribution, administration, defense and licensing of copyright protected works.

      Key competencies

      • Licensing of rights
      • Development of protection strategies
      • Enforcement of rights in and out of court
      • Copyright in employment situations

    • Overview

      Not everyone in the business world is playing fair. Unfair competition law is a powerful tool to inhibit all forms of unfair business practices from the unlawful replication of goods to misleading advertising. We will not only take action against your competitors, but also – if need be – defend you against unjustified claims from competitors.

      Key competencies

      • Cease and desist letters and preliminary injunctions
      • Action against lookalikes and misleading advertisement
      • Action against all forms of unlawful practices of competitors
      • Defense against unjustified claims from competitors

    • Overview

      The media landscape is constantly changing in the digital era. From online shopping to digital broadcasting up to delivery and taxi services, more and more services move from the offline to the online world. We help you to comply with the legal requirements arising from broadcasting, media and advertising law for your business model.

      Key competencies

      • Website-compliance, including check of ToS and imprints
      • Strategic advice on regulatory framework for online services
      • Cease and desist letters, preliminary injunctions and court proceedings

    • Overview

      The are as many different legal requirements for advertising as there are different forms of marketing. The regulations differ not only with regard to the products that are advertised (e.g. foodstuff, alcohol, tobacco), but also regarding the medium in which the marketing campaign is available (e.g. print, TV, Internet). We guide you through the jungle of rules and support you regarding all questions relating to advertising and marketing.

      Key competencies

      • Advice on advertising for restricted products, e.g. pharmaceuticals, alcohol or tobacco
      • Check of compliance on sweepstakes
      • Drafting of contracts for new forms of marketing, e.g. influencer marketing
      • Drafting of licenses for pictures, videos and other marketing material

    • Overview

      Companies from innovation-driven industry sectors (such as the fashion or foodstuff industry) protect their creative output by means of design law. If you would like to develop a design strategy, register your designs or enforce them against copycats, we are happy to assist you.

      Key competencies

      • Cease and desist letters and preliminary injunctions
      • Representation before courts
      • Clearance and registration proceedings

    • Overview

      The media landscape is constantly changing in our digital era. More and more press and broadcasting services become available online. We provide advice on how to proceed against false and defamatory statements,  false test scores and and misleading reviews published in new and old media settings. If you are providing a press or broadcasting service or would like to start one we advise you on all questions regarding the regulatory framework.

      Key competencies

      • Strategic advice at the development stage of new services
      • Counterstatements and corrections
      • Proceeding against unjustified test results
      • Advice on applicable broadcasting law on the Internet


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    We shape IP law in Germany

    78 publications in legal journals

    • Rechtserhaltende Benutzung bei Verwendung einer Marke mit Zusätzen (GRUR-Prax 2017, 429)
    • Auch “hybride” Marken können schutzunfähig sein, Anmerkung zu EuGH, Urt. v. 11.05.2017, Az. C-421-15 P (GRUR-Prax 2017, S. 254)
    • Die Entscheidungspraxis zu Arzneimittelmarken im Jahr 2016 (PharmR 2017, S. 287-293)
    • Alter, was geht? Zulässigkeit und Grenzen von Traditionswerbung aus wettbewerbs- und markenrechtlicher Sicht (WRP 2016, S. 678-684 - with Jan Malte Wachsmuth)
    • Benutzung einer Individualmarke als Gütezeichen, Anmerkung zu OLG Düsseldorf, Urt. v. 15.12.2015, Az. I-20 U 222/14 (GRUR-Prax 2016, S. 405)
    • Strenge Anforderungen an Beweislast des Nichtigkeitsantragstellers (GRUR-Prax 2016, S. 347)
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